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Business Consultant

I love to work with businesses and specialise in international business that is looking to grow sales, create new systems and create change with ease.

Wellness Coach

I have done extensive training in personal development and evolution and work with clients to empower them to become a presence in their life and design a life they love.

Keynote Speaker

I speak internationally on various topics including mental health, well being and health, awareness and self mastery and personal empowerment. My target is to empower people with pragmatic tools and skills to create a life they love.


Life is a glorious adventure, are you willing to choose it?



"This last class has been a beyond for me! I jumped on the zoom and the question was 'Are you willing to be an asshole?' And when Paul invited us to a truly orgasmic life I just did something never done before... I signed in for the MasterClass with no hesitation! Gratefully exploding!"

Marco Tessiore
Explode Your Life Into Business Masterclass Participant

"I just want to acknowledge & thank you for everything and all of the contribution. I can’t tell you how much my life & business & financial reality has expanded. It’s like they have jumped tracks 1000 levels beyond. These last days I have been experiencing a different level of "ask and you shall receive” because whatever I asked for, started to show up in mysterious ways. Truly grateful and so much joy & what else is possible now which has not been possible before?"

Ayça Bal
Explode Your Life Into Business Masterclass Participant

"I was lucky to be 1 of those experienced a session with Paul in Malaysia. Paul is amazing at what he does!"


"I did a Simplicity Session with Paul in Malaysia and it was amazing. Really shifted some stuff and gave me a new awareness on living."


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