Life has been a great adventure so far. I love growing and developing business. I work as an international business consultant and work with companies that are dynamic and looking to grow sales, be more dynamic, be innovative and create change in the world. My whole life I have been looking to change the world and create change in my life and world. I love to work with companies that live their values and are working for the benefit of people, the planet and humanity. I provide international business consultancy services for any sized organisation.

In my role as a wellness coach, I work with people to help them design a life they love. It is about showing you that you create your life in every moment with every choice. As you become more present in your life you realize that there are  more possibilities available to you than you ever imagined  As you become the leader in your life, then no one can stop you. I have trained as a teacher in tai chi, yoga and meditation teacher and facilitator using the tools and techniques from Access Consciousness. In facilitation, I look to empower the individual and create more ease and change in their world.

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CV & Partners

Paul Kearney has vast experience in life & living. He is an innovator and inventor and creator of magnitude. He has done business on local, national, and international level and is a regular speaker at international conferences and seminars. He empowers people to create a life they love and while many believe this is impossible, it is totally possible with your choice and commitment. Here’s some of the organizations that Paul is involved with at varying levels. He is always looking to create change and new possibilities in the world.


Managing Director at Innovative Misfits Design Limited

Bars and Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness

Light Foundation Tai Chi and Chi Kung Instructor

Dru Yoga Meditation Teacher

European Director with Access Consciousness International Limited

Extensive Industrial Experience in Lean Manufacture & World Class Manufacture

General Manager of Castello di Casalborgone

15 Years Experience in Commercial Project Management

Keynote Speaker of International Repute


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