Elegance in Italy

As the limousine winds up the sloping hill around the last bend in the road, my whole body relaxes knowing deeply that there will be 4 days of relaxation and decadence ahead. It is very rare that you get invited to a castle and getting invited to stay for 4 days at a recently refurbished private residence is special. You know this could be a whole new level. There are some people in the world who reject normalcy and refuse to be anything other than their brilliant best every day. Gary Douglas seems to be one of these people. International speaker and author, global authority on personal development and well-being, business leader to name but afew of his achievements. He seems to do it all and with a certain ease that is rare in this world. I was excited to go to Casalborgone and it did not disappoint. It is really like nowhere else on the planet.

Casalborgone is a small town nestled around 40 minutes outside Turin. It is accessible from Turin airport and from Milan airport which is...

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3 top travel tips for London

London is such a wonderful city. It oozes class and truly is a city that never sleeps. It is an exciting city anytime of the year. In the summer, it can get very hot and this summer was a very warm one and adds to the general hustle and bustle. 

Tip 1.  Spend time in Hyde Park

London is amazing city and one of the unique things about London is Hyde park. It is 360 acres in the middle of London and incredibly beautiful. It was a park set for a King and King Henry allowed the general public access except when there was deer hunts on. The park still has large horse riding tracks and lots of activities like cycling, running, boating happen there every day. It is a beautiful quiet oasis in the middle of a bustling city.

Tip 2. Walk everywhere

As London is such a rich and old city, it is great to walk and feel the ambiance of the city. As you stroll through the city simply look up and see the ancient buildings, memorial statues, majestic buildings and Westminister abbey is well...

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The story of travellingtipperaryman

The original travellingtipperaryman website was a fun travel blog with lots of stories and adventures. Here is the link to the original site.  Please enjoy 


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Beach time - 5 top beaches in the world

For me, some of the happiest times are time spent by the beach. Here is 5 of my favourite beaches that I have visited that are pretty awesome:


1. Lopes Mendes, Ilha Grande, Brazil - Just a beautiful beach !!

2. Andaman beach, Langkawi, Malaysia - Peaceful and pretty beach

3. Inchadoney, Co. Cork, Ireland 

4. Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

5. Non Nuac Beach, Da Nang, Vietnam

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