3 top travel tips for London

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London is such a wonderful city. It oozes class and truly is a city that never sleeps. It is an exciting city anytime of the year. In the summer, it can get very hot and this summer was a very warm one and adds to the general hustle and bustle. 

Tip 1.  Spend time in Hyde Park

London is amazing city and one of the unique things about London is Hyde park. It is 360 acres in the middle of London and incredibly beautiful. It was a park set for a King and King Henry allowed the general public access except when there was deer hunts on. The park still has large horse riding tracks and lots of activities like cycling, running, boating happen there every day. It is a beautiful quiet oasis in the middle of a bustling city.

Tip 2. Walk everywhere

As London is such a rich and old city, it is great to walk and feel the ambiance of the city. As you stroll through the city simply look up and see the ancient buildings, memorial statues, majestic buildings and Westminister abbey is well worth a trip. No trip to London is complete without seeing Buckingham palace and Piccadilly circus. It is a fun place with lots of impressive buildings and a great buzz. If you get tired of walking, cycling is a great possibility to see lots of the city very quickly and the tube is quite easy to use and fast.

Tip 3.  Go see a West end show

London is a special city for theatre and musicals. Some of the best shows in the world are held in the West end and it is a magical experience. Get to the theatre early as there can be large crowds. You can get your tickets on line and you can get some great deals if you purchase on the day of the show as they look to sell last few tickets. A great night's entertainment and so many shows to choose from. Get there early and enjoy the show !!

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