"Living from joy - people believe it is not possible. It is possible - you have to choose it."

Paul Kearney

What is Access Consciousness?

What is Joy of Business?

Where is Your Pot of Gold?

The Anyone Can Do Business Podcast with Rachel O'Brien


Today’s show is an Irish special! I, Rachel O’Brien, am joined by guest Paul Kearney on the eve of St Patrick’s Day to ask our listeners, what is your pot of gold?

Hint: it’s not money. What really excites you? What gets you up in the morning and gets you going? Your pot of gold is what makes your heart sing and thrills your entire being with joy and enthusiasm.


Finding Your Authentic Entrepreneurial Path

Paul Kearney - The Start Summit 2019

What is Possible With Our Prison System

Looking at what can be changed with a system that is not working. Our prison system is capturing our most traumatised people and putting them all under one roof. It makes no sense. What else is truly possible?

Tools For When Things Go Wrong !!

Tools to deal with situations when things go wrong. Life is always changing - a few tools from Paul Kearney to create change and move with change.

Do Not Wait, Always Create

A brief introduction into going into creation mode and what it is required with the tools of Access Consciousness.











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