Energy Pulls & Sessions

Simplicity Session with Paul Kearney

What if having everything you desired in life wasn't as hard as you thought it was? Relax into a world of possibilities with this half-hour Simplicity Session.


Relaxation from the Castle

Energy Pull with Paul Kearney from Castello di Casalborgone. Linking in with the silence of the Castle, what else can you receive? *Proceeds from this call go to the Castle*


Energy Pulls Bundle

Relax and receive with three energy pulls to invite more money, more happiness, and more ease with getting everything you desire.


Invite More Happiness Into Your Life

Energy Pull with Paul Kearney - What else is possible now?


Invite More Money Into Your Life

Energy Pull with Paul Kearney - What else is possible now?


Getting Everything You Desire with Ease

Energy Pull with Paul Kearney - What else is possible now?



What to Do When Your Business Stops & Starts

How often does it feel like your business is starting and stopping? What if it is shape shifting into something even more brilliant?

A telecall for tips on keeping your business growing and thriving. Would you allow your business to be more brilliant than you thought?


Explode Into Possibilities


19 Days of Creation with your Body, Business, & Life. Are you ready to go beyond? | with Paul Kearney & Special Guests


Fantastico - 3 Things I Learned from this Horse & More

3 Part Telecall with Paul Kearney


10 Days of Need & Tug

"Create the life you truly desire" - Call series with Paul Kearney, Gary Douglas, Wendy Mulder & Brendon Watt melting limitations and exploring possibilities.


The Chaos of Total Hedonism


"Living with Pleasure" 3 calls to instill chaos into your world and life. Life should be the chaos of creation and a lot of the time it is the mediocrity of survival.

Are you ready to choose your life and explode into the greatness you always knew existed and never acknowledged?


Calling All Creators!

Time to Unhide Your Magical Abilities - A Magical Exploration of our Super Powers of Creation with Paul Kearney - Live from Castello di Casalborgone
It is now a time to rediscover our magical abilities of creation and play with magic in every way and every time?


Overcoming Financial Stress & Inviting More Money Into Your Life

Overcoming or Out-Creating financial stress? An interactive zoom with Paul Kearney.



"Joy of Business" by Simone Milasas

"What if business is the adventure of living?"


"Money Isn't The Problem, You Are" by Gary M. Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer"

"What if it is all about how much you're willing to receive?"

"Being You, Changing the World" by Dr. Dain Heer

"Is now the time?"

"Projections Expectations Separations Judgments & Rejections" by Gary M. Douglas

“What if you were the best thing that ever happened on planet Earth? All the projections and expectations you’ve defined as meaningful are the things that keep you from being everything you are.”

"Conscious Leadership" by Chutisa Bowman & Steve Bowman with Major Contribution by Gary Douglas

"The key to unlocking success."

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