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Testimonials of the change participants have received from classes, telecalls, and private sessions with Paul Kearney.

"Paul, thank you so much it has been a massive explosion for me and I so enjoyed it. The doors and getting more of me did it. I was only getting max 8-10 students at a time for my courses (only went up to 20 one time). After this I created a 5 day group which 40+ is participating and still growing... Soo ready to be and show the powerhouse that I am... What else is possible and what is next?"

Hümeyra Gürel
Explode Your Business Into Life Participant

"This last class has been a beyond for me! I jumped on the zoom and the question was 'Are you willing to be an asshole?' And when Paul invited us to a truly orgasmic life I just did something never done before... I signed in for the MasterClass with no hesitation! Gratefully exploding!"

Marco Tessiore
Explode Your Life Into Business Masterclass Participant

"Wow last night's call has opened up so much for me. It is so interesting that I have been making my cancer journey so significant and holding onto to it as my identity!! POD and POC all that energy like crazy at the moment. Another awareness that is opening up for me ...although I haven't lived in India for 40 years I have been buying into all the POV about women and business and what a woman SHOULD be and going into the wrongness of me Arghhh WDTBT?? POD and POC this madness.. Thank you Paul Kearney for the facilitation and everyone in the group for your beautiful energy."

Maria Gomes
Rocketship to the Moon and Beyond Participant

"Dear Paul, I am writing to express my immense gratitude for your generous, very very generous contribution with the 7 day class Explode Your Business into Life And now with the upcoming 5 days of Explode your life into business... and now with the mind-blowing 28 days creation. I so wish people truly get the trifle of price they pay for the classes, sessions and conversations you facilitate for the value of the billions they (could) get out of it ...I know I am still discovering the magic, miracles and possibilities you have kindly been adding, inserting and infusing ... Thank you for choosing to make facilitation with and by you available. Your contribution has been priceless. Gratitude A.N."

Albena Nikolova
28 Days Business Creation Series Participant

"I just want to acknowledge & thank you for everything and all of the contribution. I can’t tell you how much my life & business & financial reality has expanded. It’s like they have jumped tracks 1000 levels beyond. These last days I have been experiencing a different level of "ask and you shall receive” because whatever I asked for, started to show up in mysterious ways. Truly grateful and so much joy & what else is possible now which has not been possible before?"

Ayça Bal
Explode Your Life Into Business Masterclass Participant

"I started this potentcy of intensity yesterday....omg! The Universe is delivering and this class is assisting me in receiving more. Pura Vida..plain amd simple..loud and proud quiet and potent....we all be!!! Hdigabtt???"

Kathy White
Explode Your Life Into Business Masterclass Participant

"Thank you for this 7(8 - 9) Day Experience 'Explode your Business into life’. Never before, any description nailed the content so precisely. What a joy to spend these 9 days with you and all the other brave ones. Now it's clear: my business IS the energy I choose to BE in every second. I know now, that I used to blur out, going back and forth, stop-start, and constantly destructed myself with points of view, using somehow the 'tools' given in 'this' reality, AND fighting the result constantly, creating 'a' reality as something unchangeable, a dead-end street…. through your patience, the space of kindness and joy you be, your vulnerability, the energy the castle was so kind to contribute, I know now, that there is NOTHING TO FIX, LEARN OR BE MORE FIRST. I know: It's just a choice. And I choose. In every moment. To stay the space of possibilities, the question - and in case I choose to do pathetic, to enjoy it at least. Now I am so excited to jump into every second, asking questions about everything, ... choose, choose, choose.... and be the creator I truly be. Thank you so much. "

Caroline Vogel
Explode Your Business Into Life Participant

"Paul has been a great contribution to the business of my life. "

Michele Noonan
Explode Your Business Into Life 7 Days Participant

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