I trained as a yoga teacher, tai chi teacher and meditation teacher and a certified facilitator with Access Consciousness. This journey has been an incredible adventure and I trained wit some of the greatest teachers on the planet. I began to realise I create everything in my life and as I asked for more, my life started to expand. I utilise all the skills I have gathered throughout the years to facilitate classes on:


Meditation and relaxation

Access Consciousness bars

Foundation classes with Access Consciousness

Tai chi classes

Yoga classes


As these tools and techniques give people more choice and awareness and this allows people to choose more and be greater. The ability to relax is such an important skill in a fast paced world. I love the tranquility and peace that these practices create and look to empower people to create a life they love with ease.




When we work with consciousness there is a beautiful simplicity and serendipity and we create a life we love and can change with ease. Often we have a resistance to change and when we look to make dynamic change, facilitation can be required. I utilise all my energetic awareness to contribute to changing and facilitating the change. I love to contribute to a greater planet and each session is a session of change.


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